New technologies without headaches

At Infigo we like to say that there are no bad security technologies, just their bad implementations. Although there are certain differences between products, quality design and implementation are what make the technology successful and efficient. And that's exactly what sets Infigo apart from the competition - we know how to get the most out of each technology and how to adapt it to the real needs of users.

For more than a decade, we have been successfully implementing our security and business solutions (SIEM, FRAML, Compli…) as well as the solutions of our partners around the world.
We have more than 100 clients and over 250 implementations on three continents - we’ve left our mark on smart cities, air traffic control, refineries, data centers, and everything in between!

What is our secret?

The secret is that there is no secret. With everybody in our solutions delivery team, we have a couple of hundred years of combined experience. There are more than 130 certificates between us (around 90 of those are Splunk's), our project leads are PMP, PMI-ACP, TOGAF certified, and we have worked hard and long to bring the best possible service to our clients. We are especially proud that we are Splunk Elite Authorized Reseller, Splunk Security Specialized Partner, Splunk IT OPS and APP Specialized Partner, Splunk Professional Services Practice Partner, and Splunk Elite Managed Service Provider . That is it – hard work, continuous learning, and the desire to deliver flawless results. In the end, our name and our reputation are always on the line; we don't gamble with that.

Implementation, maintenance, support, we are the full package

Give us the standard deal!

There is no standard deal, and anybody who says otherwise is not telling the truth. Every project is different because every organization is different, every path to your goal is distinctively yours. We take that into account while finding the right solution for your business strategy and your vision. Infigo IS is always on the lookout for new technologies – sometimes ours, sometimes our partners' – that will maximize your potential.

 In a general sense, we will do project preparation (architecture design, pre-requirements, provisioning, determining realistic and measurable targets...), kick-off (workshops and other), installation and configuration (here it all depends on the solution), data onboarding (depending on the project scope), training and education, user acceptance test, and in the end project closure with documentation creation and delivery. And while all that is going on, we are constantly pushing for one thing that always guides us – making sure everything we do enhances the client's security posture.