Infigo Print Monitoring

What is it?

Infigo Print Monitoring helps organizations stop data loss through printing. Research shows that organizations invest in a multitude of security measures from physical access to strict computer networks security, but they often forget about printing.

Printing Security Report by Quocirca showed that 59 percent of the business reported a print-related data loss and that 66 percent of organizations are aware of the threat and rank printing in their top five security risks!

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Infigo Print Monitoring is easy to deploy and is totally transparent to the user. The print server manages print jobs and runs print monitoring service that scans and OCRs documents; Print Monitoring Application Server is tasked with storing scanned documents and gives users a front end for supervision with role-based access.

Quick Overview

Key Benefits


Every document that goes to the printer also goes through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and text is made readable and indexable. That also means that every document that has gone through the system is searchable.


Search through everything; you think somebody has printed something confidential? With just one word you can scan through the whole database, find specific document(s) in question, and see who and when started that printing job..

PDF output

Every document is saved as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, and you decide for how long you want to keep it. Retention, and data storage space, goes in line with your organization's policies. If you got the resources, you can keep everything forever.

Data loss through printing affects 59 percent of businesses