Managed Endpoint Protection

What is it?

Infigo Managed Endpoint Protection is a service aimed at organizations that want to use next generation anti-virus with a few extras. It isn't as comprehensive as Infigo Managed SOC but we are aware every organization has different requirements – as Infigo IS has always been a consumer-centric company we like to give our clients options.

With Managed Endpoint Protection you get CrowdStrike Next Generation AV, a premier NGAV/EDR (Next Generation AntiVirus/Endpoint Detection & Response) solution. We have chosen CrowdStrike because it features advanced, signatureless protection powered by machine learning, behavioral analytics, and integrated threat intelligence. Plus, it has a small resource footprint and it has easy and fast deployment.

Find out more about Managed EDR in the brochure.

That is why we are able to have a very fast time-to-setup and time-to-deliver with an estimated initial deployment time of two to three days. Once Managed Endpoint Protection is up and running, we periodically upgrade and refresh security policies, keeping the clients' systems in the best security shape possible.

Infigo Managed Endpoint Protection comes in two flavors

Standard Enterprise
Managed Endpoint Protection yearly subscription  
Agent deployment support
Protection and detection policy configuration
Automated incident and detection notifications
Automated periodic reporting
Cloud console access
Periodic protection and detection policy update
Advanced telemetry collection from endpoints
Proactive monitoring and support in incident resolution
Threat hunting

Key Benefits

Agents setup

With more than 15 big IT security solution deployments every year, and many smaller ones, Infigo IS is in a perfect position to set up and prepare everything for fast and smooth deployment. We support your IT teams during the deployment phase.

Best security practices

Our vast security experience on both the offensive and defensive side enables us to see any potential security problem and rectify it before it happens. We configure software monitoring and protection policies to follow best security practices.


With Managed Endpoint Protection you get automated incident and detection notifications by email as soon as they are detected. Stakeholders get weekly and monthly reports about detected and prevented security threats for easier KPI tracking.

A perfect fit for a company of any size

Why would we need an enterprise package?

With enterprise, you get advanced telemetry recording from every endpoint for threat hunting, analysis, and forensics of security events. Infigo IS security analysts proactively monitor and threat hunt for usually advance threats that could evade detection when using a standard set of tools.
Through their extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise they decide if an alert is an incident or not – the security landscape is often highly complex and rarely one alarm is marked as an incident. It is usually several alerts that lead to the incident – if it were simple, anybody could do it, and currently, there is a deficit of about four million security experts worldwide.

Can we see what is going on?

Of course, the client's key personnel gets access to the cloud console where they can monitor incidents and detection analytics at any time.