Infigo IS, a triple Splunk elite partner

Infigo IS prides itself on recognizing great technologies and implementing them into our portfolio. Probably our greatest find was Splunk, today a multibillion-dollar company, but it was virtually unknown in Europe when we signed a contract with them.

Our first Splunk implementation was back in 2009, but we've been working with them before that; we built our first Splunk product in 2013, and our CTO, Bojan Zdrnja, built a Splunk app called Windows Security Operations Center, an early SIEM before Splunk Enterprise Security existed.

And we're proud of our long relationship. That is why it was important for us to have all three Splunk Partner Motions at the elite level – if you look through the global Splunk partners list, there aren't many like us!

Every motion has rigorous requirements – Sell, Manage, and Build partners have to do not only due diligence, but also have a certain number of successful projects, reach business targets, earn solution badges, have a specific number of certificates in specific fields... No wonder there are not that many triple elite partners in the world.

But not only did we get the coveted triple elite status, we also have industry badges in financial services (with our Infigo FRAML and Infigo Compli solutions) and in the Public Sector and Telecommunications (thanks to our Infigo SIEM).
We are currently waiting on the Security Solution badge since we've fulfilled those requirements – with all that, there is not a Splunk partner in the world that has that kind of clearly demonstrated capabilities. We've checked.

In the end, what does that mean for our partners and clients? It means that if it comes to Splunk, there is nothing Infigo IS can't do.